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standard hi-res stuff, The

Recommended for people who have really powerful videocards with tons of video RAM (most probably, GF2 will choke).

Basic hi-res skins pack for the standard ModelPack by Cheb

Requires jDoom 1.14.1 or higher. Older version will crash.
Download hi-res skin pack for model pack v2.9.0 and higher (3167K) - these are just 512x512 versions of some monster skins (matter is that I always draw them in 512x512 and then downsample to 256x256). So they look pretty same, but a bit more sharp. Mostly, affects such fat monsters as Mancubus and Cacodemon, on whose fat bellies skin is stretched unmercifully.
Full list of affected monsters (4pcs): alternate chaingun guy, cacodemon, Mancubus, and Pain elemental.

Link to the Doom2 Retexturing Project