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How to properly create *.KSL language templates

[New in 2.09]
KickStart automatically moves all *.KSPs, *.KSAs and *.KSLs to the ..\kicksprofiles\ folder. But it does the file date check also and will never replace the newer file with the older one. So if you see that after starting KickStart any of the profiles left in the root Doomsday folder, it means, that there is newer version of that file in the ..\kicksprofiles\ folder!

[New in 2.09]  Program behavior is changed. Now it creates as default not English.ksl but default.ksl, and English.ksl become available for modifying!

1. When KickS starts, it each time creates the default template (English too), using preset defaults built into executable and options data from KickStartOpts.cfg.    (So, Don't edit default.ksL! It is useles.!)

2. To create a new template simply rename the default.ksL to name of language for which you plan to write profile (note: unlike KSAs and KSPs, in the language combobox is displayed directly the file name, with chopped off extension.). Try to use only latin characters for file name, and write it in English transliteration (i.e. "Dutch.ksL", not the "Deutsch.ksL" - and so on)

3. Open the newly renamed *.KSL file in any text editor, and translate right parts of all expressions in format of "parameter=text string".
Pay BIG attention to expressions like "%0", "%1", etc. - they mark places where KS inserts file names and other variable parameters. Don't miss one!
"\n" mark line ends (like in C syntax). Don't include it into parameters which represent options or button names - it's only for messages.
If any parameter is not defined in the language profile, KS takes it from the English profile - thus allowing extensibility.
So, if SkyJake will add a new option to Doomsday, or I will add a new button to KS, it will appear untranslated, i.e. in English, and you will need to update your translation as well..

4. Send your profile to me by e-mail