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New Doom site

id software's website - you may buy there the old good Doom and instantly download it (you need the credit card). Last time as I saw, there were Ultimate Doom and Doom II for $25 each.
There is placed the useful article about Doom/Wolfenstein ports

Non-related links

Russian sci-fi in English (note: "Assault on Grozny Downtown" is only one novel, that is not sci-fi there. It's real memories from the Chechen war)
Russian literature in English translation (look there for Ivan Efremov's Sci-Fi novels!. IMHO he was the best Sci-Fi writer of middle of 20th century, and, definitely, he still is one of the best Russian writers. Unfortunately, as I know, his best book, "Hour of bull"(1968) was never translated to English)

Absolutely non-related links

Titanic's true story - Flash cartoon from - Note: the Russian encryption on the sign (one that on the iceberg with the penguin) reads "There are no penguins in the Arctic Zone!")