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jDoom Model Pack v2.10.1

All files listed here are placed at the models directory on the Four Winds FTP server.
There is also a new HTTP mirror:

Model Pack Updates: for those who downloaded previous version earlier

Download the jDoom model pack update from v2.10.0 to v2.10.1 (366K) - from Fourwinds - from the new mirror.
Lightened version of textured particle effects for weak computers and "heavy" maps. Excludes particle effects for torches and lost soul flames (primary sources of FPS slowdown), but keeps all other - blood, explosions, etc.
Demon model with skin mapping slightly enhanced to better fit DaniJ666's skins (which are downsampled to 256x256 and included. If you want the full 1024x1024 version - look the Fallen Collection).
Imp skins by Dani J666,
downsampled to 256x256

Download the jDoom model pack update from v2.9.4 to v2.10.0 (170K) - from Fourwinds - from the new mirror.
Advanced particle effects (to activate, attach "S.Zenith + Cheb textured particle effects" add-on).
Requires Doomsday 1.7.7. or higher.
Look, how these effects should look (screenshots by sLydE)
Note, that you necessarily should use KickStart 2.08 or higher, to avoid incorrect functioning! There in KickStart 2.07 is a very nasty bug in add-on compatibility checking routine, which may easily spoil your visual experience (especially for fireball explosions)

Download the jDoom model pack update from v2.9.3 to v2.9.4 (50K) - from Fourwinds.- from the new mirror.
(Updates LostSoul model to more angry looking version)

Download the jDoom model pack update from v2.9.2 to v2.9.3 (180K) - from Fourwinds.- from the new mirror.
(Updates zombie-on-the-stick model to the new version)
Can be applied to 2.9.1 as well, because there is no real difference between 2.9.1 and 2.9.2.

Patches for Model Pack: say "NO" to bugs!

Install these patches over the version of model pack they designed to. Latest versions of the full pack always include previous patches.

Download the patch 2.9.0->2.9.1 (55K) - from Fourwinds. - from the new mirror.
Cures missing skin in the yellow flame and other minor bugs.

Complete Model Pack: for those who downloads it for the first time

Download the jDoom model pack v2.9.2 (9760K) - from Fourwinds. - from the new mirror.
Includes 3d fireballs
Included Add-ons (they are OFF by defalult. See the "Alternative model packs" section to know how to activate them)
* Right-hold weapons (uses pistol, made by Abbs)
* FACED! - player models to which you can apply your own face (of course, it requires some knowledge of working with Photoshop.. but it's not too hard.). Edit and share with your frends the player skins, placed at \md2\jdoom\play\ : Face_Green.tga, Face_Indigo.tga, Face_Brown.tga and Face_Red.tga. By default they are set to: Green - Cheb (uhm.. very young Cheb, in fact... still without my beard - it just couldn't be fit into skin), Indigo - Hitler, Brown - Yeltsin, and Red - Stalin... Such nice party... Note, that there are red marks beside the face to help you position your photo properly: the one vertical mark for center of your nose, and three horizontal marks: for eyes, end of the nose, and for chin (see that nasty politicians as examples) - and, I strongly reccommend you to NOT touch hair or ears - they are really tricky mapped to the model. Plus watch for threshold between hair and forehead - try to not overlap it by your photo, as result would look unpleasant. As final note, you may need to slightly stretch your foto in width, because the horizontal/vertical ratio of skinmapping is a bit incorrect.
* Alternate Zombie and Chaingun guy
* 3 BFG MODs (Look Alternative model packs" section for details)
* MoreBlood! - says for itself.
* Two versions of 3d fireballs