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Using jDoom

(a close look at Doomsday from user's point of view)

    1. I strongly recomend to install jDoom to default folder "C:\DOOMSDAY". All model/update installers rely on this path, and by using it you will make all future installations as easy as one mouse click. Otherwise you'll need each time enter new path which is boring.

    2. To enable FPS counter, go to control panel (Shift+Esc) > Console > Display FPS counter. (I writing this here because some people may spend many time in searches of  the FPS counter control among the graphic options)

    3. Doomsday is much more sensitive to CPU power than to video accelerator power - especially when it renders 3d models. (but hardware 3d acceleration is absolutely necessary). Memory requirements are quite low: 128Mb RAM is more than enough. (in fact, jDoom can run even on 32Mb of RAM)
    Thus, system requirements are mostly CPU-related:
    Pentiun - 166 is the official absolute minimum (i.e. you should turn ANYTHING COOL off: lens flares, dynamic lights, shadows, particles... And, of course, models too.)
    AMD K6-III 400 is quite poor configuration, and forces you to set quite low model/sprite treshold: 500..700
    AMD Duron 800 is still not ideal but quite good configuration - you may set model/sprite treshold at 1500 or higher.
    (If you using Intel processor and have something to say about this, write me e-mail, I'll update this topic - as you see I don't know how jDoom runs on Celeron, PIII, etc.)

    4. For now, latest jDoom version still cannot run on Voodoo2 (to be exactly it can, but you will play without models and in company with terrible graphical bugs)...
    By the way, to illustrate previous topic: Duron-800 + Vodoo2 gives 30..60 fps (depending on scene complexity) at 640x480 and with models turned off.

    5. Of all game options, one that may dramatically decrease or increase fps, is  the model visibility limit (resides in Control panel > Objects). It sets treshold where  models turn back to sprites.
    A bit less powerful "LOD 0 distance" has no effect for now - because I still not transformed MD2 models to the new DMD format... Wait for autumn with its MPU8 and 9.

    6. Because model pack has been rearranged and now it is not possible to install it part-by-part, so IF YOU WANT TO DISABLE MODELS FOR SOME KIND OF OBJECTS, you should use custom options in KickStart (on the tab "Other"):
-nohudmod for HUD weapons,
-nomonstermod for monsters
-noplayermod for player,
-nogweaponmod for gettable weapons,
-noitemmod for items,
-nofxmod for torch models and special effects
-nodecormod for trees, barrels, hanging bodies, columns, lamps, etc.

    7. Jumping and free mouse look are disabled by default - to preserve gameplay of old DooM. You may want to visit "Options > Input devices > Mouse look" and "Options > Gameplay > Jumping" to modernize gameplay.. Yes, and you need to assign a key for jumping too!
    But in my opinion, jumping in DooM is cheating! There are many places where you can just jump directly to end of level. So, for single player i recommend to switch this option off to don't spoil the game.
    Also, all quakers may feel uncomfortable with vertical auto-aiming (The only thing i really hated in old DooM: you trying to get rid of far chaingun guy, but rocket blows right at your feet. "What's the *** ?... Ah, it turns out that there under the nearly cliff crowded the spectres..." - thinking you, meanwhile pressing F9 tenth time in last two minutes...)
    So, you may need to visit also "Options > Gameplay > Autoaim".

    8. To make camera height not on level of your navel as in the original DooM, but where your eyes really are, open the console (by "~" key) and type:
player-eyeheight 50
To restore original settings, set value of 41.

    9. On some levels (especially in Plutonia) sky is too short, and you see all around  the ugly HOM effect.
Fortunately, there is such useful thing as "Control panel > Graphics > Always render full sky".

    10. Although all model packs and patches are self-extracting RAR archives (.EXE files), I recommend to create special folder on your hard drive, and store them there by "Save Link As". Such way you will be able to check them by your favorite antivirus program. And backup copies are never unnecessary.

    11. If you have any questions for quality of my work, then please remember, that i'm not professional artist. This is just my hobby.

    12. If you'll add lines
bind -o "UseModels 1"
bind +o "UseModels 0"

to your jdoom.cfg file then you'll be able to see sprites instead of models all the time when "o" key is pressed.