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Cheb FAQ:

- Who am I
- Why I doing all these model updates
- How big really is my contribution to model pack
- What you should do if you want to use models from my site for other port and/or modify them

Who am I

Cheb is my nick, not the real name.
I am 28 years old Doom fan, trapped by this game forever - for Doom never die, once appeared, it will be part of Mankind culture for long, long, long time...
I am Russian, and live in Moscow all my life. Here I was born, graduate from (primary+secondary=middle) school, then from Moscow Railroad University (MIIT), but instead of being railroad engineer, I'm working as junior research assistant in Macroeconomics Research Institute of Ministry of Economics... In fact, I'm searching Internet for various information, including e-commerce standards or foreign R&D legislation.
My hobbies are: programming with Delphi, writing fantasy novels (now I'm writing my first one, and in next one-two years I'll finish it, after 10 years of often delayed work), reading books (that are widely presented in Russian Internet: for example contains more than 17,000 books in free access), and playing various games.
Other stuff about my dog and programming projects you can find at my homepage.

Why I doing all these model updates

In fact, I planned to create my own game (and soon I will return to that way), but because playing Doom is my favorite way of spending time, I played it often. Original doom, then old (non-accelerated) ZDoom, then jDoom at last. And when I played, I don't liked models (in general, for their crude faces and paralytic movement). And when I see something done bad, I'm itching to correct it...
So my work began: from attempt to breathe new life into cacodemon, that looked as textured ball, and moved as expressive, as dead fish does.
And now I just can't stop, when hopes of so many Doom fans lie on my shoulders. So, complement me more often: your praises of my work are a fuel of my enthusiasm, don't forget this! ;)

How big really is my contribution to model pack

Many people think that all models here on this site are created by me - they are wrong.
In most cases I just take model created by other people, and make it better. (A good idea here is to look at "Per-model info" page, where I put detailed information about models, authors, and what exactly I done with them).
In general, I make from the scratch only things that were not present at all or were implemented with very low quality - Don't forget that all models in the initial model pack were very old, planned to use in Quake2 engine on corresponding weak computers, so many models just had too low polycount to look good. When I getting my hands on model, often all lefts from it are parts of skin and non-critical body parts, which were implemented with acceptable (from my point of view) quality. This is also because I'm too lazy to create from the scratch the things that are already created by other people - even if I easily can do this.
Initial model pack was created by (as says included readme files):
Monsters, Items, Decor: Edmundo Bordeu (
SS Guard, spherical powerups: AklashPahk (
Weapon Models, HUD Weapon Models, Doom Marine Player Model: Derived from the Generations Project.

What you should do if you want to use models from my site for other port and/or modify them

1. You should contact me to be sure that I'm not planning to change things that you want to port/alter. It will save you from extra work. Also, you may need contacting me for explanation how jDoom model definitions work, and for timely warnings of modification/new version releases.

2. All my work is based on features of jDoom's engine, like animation frames freely scattered around time axis, inter﷓frame interpolation, sub frames with different properties, fullbright and brightshadow render modes, multiple skins for one model, animated skins, and aligning models at movement direction / at player. Most probably, that to use my models in ZDoom, Vavoom and other ports you'll need to significantly modify their engines.