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* (dead link) Jaakko "SkyJake" Keranen - creator of Doomsday
* (dead link) Edmundo Bordeu, Aklash Pahk and other SOG members - created the old model pack
* Cheb - the former webmaster of this site, improved old models and created new ones.
* I hope, other names will appear here soon: DaniJ666, Kinkyfriend85, and many, many more...
* The URIY - some of HUD weapon models
* Abbs - author of Abbs Alternative Weapons Pack. He helped a much with maintaining of Model Pack, when I had no time for it
(Cheb is out of business.
  Modelyard maintainer (is no longer) required!)
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What's new:

11.08.2003 Sorry to say this, but everything in this world has its own end. So, I finally quit.
(Well, I probably will manage to find time and finish the last update of KS2.10 as I should, but that's all.)
11.08.2003 Last update by Cheb: the things which I partially finished earlier, and now found some time to pack and upload them - to don't waste efforts. You may treat this update as my way to say "farewell".

Includes: 1) lightened version of textured particle effects for weak computers and "heavy" maps, 2) the demon model with skin mapping slightly enhanced to better fit DaniJ666's skins (which are downsampled to 256x256 and included. If you want the full 1024x1024 version - look the Fallen Collection). Plus set of demos (look te "alternate stuff" section) recorded by me, one for Doom2 demonstrates perfect cyberdemon skinning by Danij666 - of course if you have these skins ;)
18.07.2003 Still deep in the home improvement. Plus got addicted to manga and anime. KS chances decrease :(
The home improvement continues... Today it was an epic battle against the kitchen sink
The Fallen Man's collection of links to the Hi-res stuff included as part of Modelyard. Welcome :)
Updated French profile by The_Doctor
29.05.2003 SkyJake included KickStart2.09 into the new Doomsday release, so I removed it from here. KickStart page on Modelyard will now contain only profile updates (and also here is the first one: German.ksL, updated to 2.09) Note, MOD makers, that KS2 behavior and so KS docs are slightly changed too!
Released (Really!) KickStart 2.08. Corrected bug in compatibility checking (which would lead to incorrect working of the new particle effects under KS2.07 and below), added GWA file date/time checking (will rebuild GWA files if they are older than WADs - great for WAD makers), and added the German language support (translation by NightFright).
Resurrected S.Zenith's particle effects. Packed as model pack update to 2.10.0.
20.04.2003 A minor update: Lost Soul model is updated to more angry looking version
A minor update: a bit enhanced the zombie-on-the-stick model
30.03.2003 Site moved to new location and the new design finally applied. Still no model updates though. In fact, I am still Morrowind-addicted... Please, wait a bit more, I will finish my NPC with all its dialogues, scripts, etc, and will return. Some static models in jDoom really need a bit of improvement :)
07.03.2003 Site cardinally re-designed using frames
Site is re-created in Mozilla composer from the scratch. Farewell, msWord!
26.02.2003 ModelPack mirrored on the new mirror and also updated from v2.9.0 to v2.9.2 - nothing new but corrected some compatibility issues.
26.02.2003 Model pack version numeration changed (which was called "MPU9" now is known as MP v2.9.0).
03.02.2003 I corrected bug in KS which lead to clipping controls by right window edge when msWindows display pitch is set to values higher than 96 dpi (so called "large fonts"). So, there's the 2.07. Also, Jow did the Finnish translation - it is included too (together with GothmoG's Polish translation).
02.02.2003 GothmoG did the Polish translation for KS2.06 andup.
01.02.2003 KickStart updated to v2.06 - at last, added multi-language support! (a template for Russian language is included as example).. Carefully read this: How to properly create KSL language templates, and send me your translations, for I uploaded them here - Because I'm sure that there are lots of DooMers from Deutschland, Holland, Ukraine, Finland, Poland and many, many other countries... :)
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